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Linea GR3

Linea GR3 is a black, round aluminum track with a 30 degree lens perfect for a wall grazing effect. Designed to be surface mounted or used as a pendant fixture, hung from wires cut to any length. This fixture fits 1 row of 120LED/m, 180LED/m or 300LED/m LED strip sold by for a dotless finish.


• Custom cut to any length to 1/16th of an inch

• Black aluminum profile

• Hung from wires cut to any length

• Pendant design that can also be surface mounted

• Circular fixture with 28mm diameter

• Even glow at light source. Dots of light will not be visible with any compatible LED strip

• 30-degree lens

• Available with wire or quick connector of various lengths. Output for daisy chaining fixtures available. Extension cables sold separately.

Additional information

Dimensions 0.81 × 1.13 in