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SMT-024-192VTHJWV2, 5in1, 0-10v


  • Flicker free PWM output, constant voltage
  • Class 2: 2 x independent 96-watt outputs¹
  • 5-way input: DC0-10v, triac forward or reverse phase, resistor or PWM signal dimmers
  • Input voltage range 100-277vac
  • Integrated isolated HV and LV junction boxes with multiple knock-outs
  • Protection against short circuit, overloading, and over temperature
  • Suitable for dry, damp, and wet location
  • Built-in PFC function, PF>0.98
  • Efficiency>87% / load: 0~100%
  • 7-year warranty
  • 0-10v type

¹ Do not exceed 96 watts on any individual output.  Wiring runs must be considered when prewiring.

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Dimensions 10.94 × 4.33 × 1.77 in